Thursday, July 25, 2013

June and it really almost August!? And some pictures.

So, it seems the time has been flying and I haven't posted in a while! Imagine that. Haha. The Hero Rush has come and gone, its a firefighter themed obstacle race for those of you that havent heard of it. We ran in a team created in memory of Keith. We all did really great and the guys did awesome! There were over 1600 runners and our team came in fastest and also won largest team. Very cool. I was just ecstatic that I completed the whole thing, 4.9 miles and 19 obstacles, without dying. :D That was on June 22nd. Here are a few pictures:

Randy and I after

Rachael and I chugging along

Our family before w our Team Snides shirts

The next week Randy had to go in and get a hernia repaired. He has had it for a little while but didn't want to get it done until after the race so he could still run it. Here he is before surgery waiting to be taken back...

The next day (June 29th) Tate and Rowan were in my aunt Michelle's wedding. Ring bearer and flower girl. They had a blast!! 

Also, we got an awesome deal on a trampoline. I'm pretty sure I was more excited than the kids. :) They were pumped when they found out we got one. 

This weekend is going to be jam packed with fun stuff too. We have a Mud Hens game tomorrow night with fireworks after, that was Randy's Father's Day present. We are pretty excited to go! Then Saturday we have a get together to go to at Sam and Melissa's house and the kids are ecstatic to see "Lyla from Tball" and "Logan from bible school" ...when do kids just start calling their friends by their names? It's still all labels around here. Haha. Then Sunday is the CrossFit Games viewing party with everyone from the gym and I can't wait to see it...(did I mention I started CrossFit!? I haven't died yet so keep your finger crossed!!) Should be an awesome weekend. :) 

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