Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day weekend family fun!

The past couple of weeks have been fast, super busy, a little down in the dumps really for a couple of was pretty cold outside still for a while, then Randy and I both had car trouble (I'd say this is on going, but neither of us want a car payment until our cars actually die for good...haha) and I have been having a ton of issues with Josh about school districts. I really want the kids to go to school in my district. I only kept them in Josh's when we divorced because I felt Tate needed that routine that he was used to with Lake Schools and the Help me Grow program and Early Intervention and all of that...but now, things are drastically different. He doesnt need to utilize those programs anymore, he no longer has any special needs, he is doing amazing, and he WANTS to go to Genoa. It was always on my mind once I moved to Genoa, but the whole fight of it wasnt really something I wanted to deal with. Now though, the issue of Rowan starting Kindergarten has come up. I would just leave it be except Lake schools have lost so much funding that they now only have two K teachers, meaning only 2 full days of school a week. The schedule is really confusing actually. One class will go tuesday and thurs, the other will go weds and fri, and both classes will alternate mondays. This is going to be ridiculous, Rowan is going to lose so much learning time, the schedule in general is going to make daycare a nightmare. Plus I think its just dumb. The other option is that the kids get switched to Genoa, where I live anyways (only like 5 minutes further for Josh currently) where Rowan would be able to go monday through friday all day, like Taysen did. Obviously this is the more beneficial choice for Rowan. Of course, Josh is refusing to compromise with me on the issue. Its his way or no way, regardless if its better for the kids or not. So the fight has begun, and I get no where fast with I'm gonna do what I have to do to try to get them into Genoa before Kindergarten starts. Ready, set, go...or should I say Ready, Set, Wait....things with attorneys never move quickly. Well...let the battle begin...and cross your fingers for me!

Luckily this past holiday weekend I did get to get a little break from the stress of it all. We went camping with Randy's family and really had a good time. I love camping. Even Attie had fun playing with all of his doggy friends. :) The kids got to go for one of the days when I got them back from Josh, and they were so excited once they found out what we were doing. Plus, who doesnt love smores...especially with Reese cups!? And the camping food was delicious...just sayin'! We went to the Point Place festival too so that was nice, of course I got some cotton candy...and a slush. Randy rode a firetruck ride with Landon and got some pretty cute pictures. :) Bentley and Mer liked the ponies. Well Bentley started with a smile on his face, but was ready to be done by time it was over. Haha...still an all around good time. My kids didnt get to do the festival because they were still with their dad at that point...but it was still fun. This weekend will make up for it though because they will get to do rides and eat the carnival food at Genoa's Homecoming. There is a parade and fireworks on saturday so it should be a really good time. Im hoping it doesnt rain all weekend like it says its supposed to!! Anyways, here is a little pic of Tate, Rowan, and Landon doing sparklers together. :)

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  1. Love your blog! Glad you had a memorable time together with family! Ron and I took a motor-motor ride to the mineral springs @ Berkeley Springs, WV and walked through the park, got some good food, and just enjoyed the day. It was a little chilly--as you say; but still a great day away! Not sure how to post a picture of us that day on this site---but I will send it to you via FB message. The best of everything with the process of school districting, and such....that can be crazy. Awesome they have a good mama that cares for them and has their best interest at heart.