Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All grown up...

The other day I was looking through my pictures of the kids and got to looking at this one...its from Taysen's winter program at school last month. Mallory's daughter, Delta, was in it too, so most of our families came. We managed to get a picture of the three of us with all the kids. I cant believe how they have all grown since they were little babies! Well except Chase, he is still technically a baby! And thats just my side of the family!! Randy has even more siblings and neices and nephews. Im glad these two have an abundance of cousins to grow up with. :) And even more to come since Tracy is pregnant. :) On my side they have Hayden, Chase and Elliot (Em and David's), Delta and Elliott (Mal and Ben's) on Randy's they have Landon and Meredith (Ronny and Erica's) and Bentley and the new baby (Tracy and Tommy's) his brother Mike and his wife Catherine have a little baby girl too. They live in North Dakota, so we haven't met them yet, but I'm sure someday! Im hoping Greg and Emily have one or a few too cause they'd make excellent parents! :) But either way, they have a lot of cousins, and I think thats awesome. :)


  1. Wow Time flies!!! I remember even when Delta was born! oh man, crazy! Everyone looks fabulous! I miss you lady!

    1. It is crazy!! Time flies! I cant believe Kristen and Ashlee ages!

  2. Replies
    1. I miss you both!! :) I've now got to figure out how to add your blogs again so I can follow. Haha... :)