Thursday, March 21, 2013

A weekend filled with fun, coming up!

So I have tomorrow off, it's going to be a Mommy and Rowan day. We are planning on going to breakfast and she wants to play Mario Kart. Haha...I was thinking those two things, but maybe throw in some errands too...I need an oil change. I dont know how much she will enjoy that part. Tomorrow night we are going to go watch Randy at his gym for the Crossfit Open, then we are going to have a movie night with the kiddos. Taysen picked The Hobbit...none of us argued it. :D

Then saturday, we have Yoga as a family in the morning, and afterwards we are heading to Splash Universe for the weekend! I cannot wait. I'm pretty sure Randy and I are more excited than the kids. I'm pretty pasty from the winter, but I can't wait to be warm for a weekend!! Its supposed to be like 84 degrees all year round!! We are going with Randy's family. It should be tons of fun! :)

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  1. Ha!! It does sound like a lot of fun. And my pasty self got sunburned the first ten minutes of sitting on a beach here in FL. LOL