Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hurry up already winter! I'm freezing!!

I am so annoyed with the weather. It's freezing!! I'm sick of being cold. I wish actual spring weather would show up already! Though at least today there is sunshine.

The past few weekends have been busy, but good. We went to splash universe and had a great time. The kids loved it. They love the water. Plus being with family is always fun! Then this past weekend was Easter and I got the kiddos back early so they wouldn't miss out. They had so much fun and I think they both ate really well.

Tate has been sick, coughing, congested and fevers ever since I got him back though, I'm hoping it goes away soon! I have a fun day out with the kids planned for Saturday and I really want him to feel better! Really hoping Rowan doesn't get it too.

I can't wait for warmer weather!! :)

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